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This website showcases past and ongoing projects that cater to collaborative FSL teacher learning and professional well-being. I believe that  supporting teachers in developing strong professional identities is an essential part of addressing the ongoing FSL teacher shortage crisis in Canada. 

Explore the different projects below. 

A critical re-imagining of FSL teacher learning and professional identities

FSL teachers learn in creative multifaceted ways.

Check out their stories in this podcast.

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Arts as a means to understand and develop FSL teacher professional identity construction

See how FSL teachers negotiate and (re)/(de)construct their professional identities by creating artworks, such as paintings, collages, poems, and more...

Developing lifelong critical reflexive practice

Learning logs are a great way for FSL teachers to take control of their own learning needs. Check out this framework for FSL teacher learning.

#FSLDisrupt Book Club

Teachers need collaborative professional learning communities to negotiate new facets of their professional identities, such as anti-racist, anti-oppressive, and culturally-responsive practice.

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About me

My teacher, researcher and artist identities intersect and shape my approach to second language pedagogy and research.

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