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A critical re-imagining of FSL teacher learning


This is my podcast series about FSL teachers based on my doctoral research. While doing my PhD at the University of Toronto/OISE, I learned why we have so much trouble recruiting FSL teachers and why so many of them drop out of the profession. And I dedicated my research to finding ways to help them. Now, I’m sharing my research findings with you.

In my work, I examine how professional learning opportunities for teachers can counter what I call 'FSL teacher flight'. Specifically, I look at the current challenges teachers face in the profession and how expanding notions of FSL teacher learning might strengthen FSL teacher identity development and well-being. In the podcast, you'll hear examples of how teachers learn and grow when they work collaboratively with a supportive network of peers. 

Listen to the episodes here, or on Sound Cloud.

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Should I stay or should I go? Why are FSL teachers dropping out of the profession?

Canada needs more teachers. Especially ones who specialize in French as a second language. For a bilingual nation like Canada, this growing shortage is a big problem. In this episode, I discuss the reasons why so many FSL teachers struggle once they enter the workforce.

You make me feel: Using professional learning networks to foster teacher well-being

In this episode, we’ll talk about why professional development for FSL teachers is stagnant and what myths perpetuate this neglect. And we’ll discuss why it’s important, from a psychological standpoint, to create support systems that help teachers evolve their practice.


I’ll also talk about some of the research that inspired my thesis work and what my own research findings have taught me about the benefits of Professional Learning Communities and Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning networks.

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Who has the power? Re-evaluating assessment in FSL

In this episode, we'll talk about a topic of discussion that came up a lot during the collaborative learning sessions: assessment. The teachers investigated How do we evaluate and grade students? The FSL teachers in this group, Sophie and Christina, shared new ideas about how language learners should be evaluated.

Come as you are: Teaching FSL with equity, diversity and inclusion in mind

In this episode, I’ll cover another important topic that teachers discussed while participating in the network: How equity, diversity and inclusion can go a long way towards helping students thrive in their FSL classes. Essentially, the teachers argue that centering the curriculum around students means welcoming diverse linguistic and cultural experiences in the classroom. They discuss how to do that. 

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Special thanks

This podcast series was made possible thanks to funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto.

Hosted by Mimi Masson. Production, editing and sound design by Sabrina Daniel. Voice acting by Shakina Rajendram, Jennifer Burton, Shawna Carroll, Nicola Carty and Jean-Nicolas Masson.

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