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About me

I am a plurilingual and pluricultural individual. I have lived and worked in North America, Europe and Asia. My experiences there have shaped my professional teaching, research and artistic practice. 

I am a teacher

As a teacher, I strive to connect personally with my learners to create a fun and engaging learning environment that can have a profound impact on their lives. My practice is grounded in culturally-responsive and anti-oppressive education. I encourage my students to take charge of their learning by developing critical thinking skills and a collaborative approach to learning based on inquiry-based and arts-based educational practices. 

I am a researcher

As a researcher, I seek to promote open, respectful and transparent communities of inquiry with my participants. My work sits at the crossroads of sociocultural, post-structural and critical theories, which I use to argue for 1) developing teacher practice that centers the whole learner, 2) identifying programmatic and systemic realities and how (official and unofficial) policies impacts teachers' work, and 3) drive innovation in second language teacher learning and professional identity development. 


I am an artist

I draw on my artistic practice to connect with the emotional and intuitive side of learning. I do this for myself as a person, but I also bring this into my research and my teaching practice. Very often, I do not know where my artistic endeavours will lead me, and I find inspiration and beauty in the process of creation and the enjoyment of ending somewhere new and unimagined.

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